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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hye all..dah makan tak? i jus went back form lunch with beloved king of my heart..guess who? let it be question mark k. i like crying when i see him owh gosh terrible. i cant cry infront him. i dont want him to be worried. he already have a lots of problem. so i think my prob are juz a piece of tissue and i think i can setel up on my own. ikutkan hati nak je nanges puas2 meraung depan beliau. owh no i cant. beliau dah la nak driving jauh2 then aku nak tambah risau die..no way..im not that cruel..

he came to me send my stuff siap belikan all the grocery for me..bayar all my lunch.mcm2 la lagi..owh how lucky am i to be his princess..(u all mesti jeles kan hehehe).. i donno what is going on wif me if he not with me anymore..his great!!!!! the most great man i ever seen..there's nobody can be him. coz he are too special. i wish i can be with him 24/7. please dont leave me,i cant survive if u are not with me. even doe u not well known bout what i feel n how hottic my life rite now, but u still can feel it n u still can see it from my eyes. thats the special of u yeah..u wont show ur love like the other man with all the sweet2 loving words but i noe u love me more than the others.

i dont need all those silly lovey dovey words, coz those thing 1 day will kill me..

ha?who is him? lets guess..

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