I'm Dying

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

its hard when we have this feeling..ibarat berada di persimpangan jalan n i dont know which 1 is the best for me.. yea of course istikharah..yeah im keep doing it..but still cant c which 1 is the best.. but i beleive Allah will guide..insyaallah.. i juz hope this feeling will not be longer coz its killing me..its kill mentally n phisically.. ya its really hard for me.
when we are down or to much stress it will effect our health..our appetite..either u will lose your appetite..or may be u cant control it..that will course unhealthy diet..thats whats happen to me..may be people will see and thought dat it was nothing..nothing big bout my proble..coz they dont een noe whats my problm..how u feel if you now have to decide for your future..coz its should once in a life.amin.. and its will happen soon..juz around the corner..
mak abah are totallly give me 100% support..thanx mak abah.. and they give me a chance to decide.. but its hard..coz this thing involve so many people..owh man.. what should i do???? im scared rite now...

ya Allah its to tough for me..please keep me strong..please i need u Ya Allah..what should i do now? please guide me to the right path.. im dying...

i do everything to buildup the strength.. i do everything dat can give me back the past feeling..its kill me inside.. ya i keep smiling in front of the others..even in fornt of my parent..but deep inside i killing myself..i do everything to stay by your side but did you noe that im dying inside..people look down on me coz they thought im too weak..but do u noe what happend tome? do u noe what that person have done to me? do u even realised that?? hurmmmmm???

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