♥Hubby i nak flirt boleh tak?♥

Friday, November 26, 2010

yes hubby nak flirt please....
i love the taste of the flirt..

owh marvelous
please hubby i want flirt juz for tonite..
starting tomorrow i promise i wont ask for this again...

owh hubby please...

Cornetto Royal Black Forest Flirt

i love the taste of this flirt..
[google image:tak sempat ambik gambo dh telan abis hehehe]

my heart meltz when i saw it infront of me rite now sepcial delivery from my sweetheart... hubby thanx for delivery me this flirt.. hehe actually im too stress..but i dont have the reason..so i need to calm down..my hubby noe if i under stress i need an ice cream to make me fell calm n cool..so when i request for this flirt..he straight away go to 7E to get this flirt for me..n he choose strawberry for himself..

he never say no when i request for him to buy a supper for me even in the midnight..he straight away go to the where ever place that he can find my supper..thanx hubby for being a really great fiancee to me..bie thank u so much...

i U

mulai esok i need to beaware of my food okay..hub
by ples help me to control my appetite..plesssssssss

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