♥i shout for u for a thousand times♥

Friday, April 22, 2011

i know im not a lil girls..
i noe i shouldnt cry.
.but im juz an ordinary girl..
there's a time i cant stop the lil pearl..
i dont need a symphaty..i juz need u.
u told me 
if i miss u
if i need u
juz call your name 
and u will come to me
but i shout for u for a thousand times.
cant u here me?
or are u pretend dat u dont here me.

help me to survive 
help me to breath
help me..

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5 komen

  1. wow! tangkap lentuk... tp mendalam :D

  2. syg...
    so sad...
    sabo ea..
    i noe wat ue feel..T_T

  3. huhuhuhu
    dh tak mampu bessabar kahirnye mengundur diri


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