♥I Hate To See U Crying♥

Monday, January 24, 2011

yeah i hate to see u crying..u r now facing the same prob that i had face before. i noe how hurts u rite now. i cant juz sit and look at u when u crying.. its hurts me u noe.. even i juz noe u for 3weeks++ but for me u r someone in my life.. i dont want u to face it.. coz its really hurts but what should i do? how can i help u dear..its hurts when i have to see u crying almost everyday. its hurts me.. coz that problem hurts u damn much. for me u such a lil gurl who suppose to juz keep going smiling all the time and enjoy every second in your lyfe..

u de other one who always keep waiting.. even u r not crying but i noe you keep crying 24/7 in your heart. please dont jus stuck and juz dont wait for that stupid person who are really stupid for make u waiting for almost 2years.. i want u to be happy.. u should move on..i try the very besh to help u. to give u support. trust me i'll be here to support u. please move on with your life. dont let people playing your life. u r the one who have to choose your life not him!

i noe its all bout love dear..but until when.. its enough to see u all crying. its hurts me as a frens. i want u all to be happy. tell me what should i do to make u all happy? plez tell me what is it? should i juz kill them juz to make sure u all gonna have a better life? i can juz give u all support.. coz everything its in your hand.and u r de one who gonna colour your life. u are a big gurl, u have to make a decision on your own.

me, will be here by your side. i will catch u up when u falling. here my shoulder, juz cry on it if its gonna make u feel better.. i can understand ur feeling coz i've been in your shoes before..but honestly your tears really hurts me...

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